Stories From the Road

A bolt of lightning streaked over our heads and the thunder boomed almost immediately. Rain was coming down as if from a giant shower head in the sky. Amanda was worried about getting struck by lighting but I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a pretty messed up situation but we survived and it became one […]

That Time I Was Almost Stranded Atop a Dam in a Snow Storm

One very cold February day a winter storm rolled across the Appalachian Mountain of Northeast Tennessee. At first a light flurry drifted across the landscape, but quickly developed into a furious snow storm. A few hours later the snowfall slackened, and a few minutes after that I was out the door with my camera gear […]

That Time I Ran Out of Gas on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Ever see that cutesy meme floating around the Internet comparing the two types of drivers in the world: each see the gas needle almost at “E” and one says “I need to get gas immediately” while the other says “I can go a bit longer.” I’m the one who is always trying to pump just […]

Becoming Disenchanted With Zoos

For me, zoos have always been large parks filled with endless wonder. It is a place I can view exotic animals, see them up close, and capture a few good photos. But recently I have become disenchanted with zoos. I no longer feel excited to capture good photos through plexiglass walls or chain link fences. […]

The Photographer and the Sheldon Ghost

The photographer in me comes first wherever I travel. After spending a three day weekend in Beaufort and the Sea Islands of South Carolina, I had one final stop to make. I wanted an amazing photo of the Old Sheldon Church Ruins in Yemassee. I was surrounded by pitch blackness and a chorus of tree […]

This is my tale of how I spent three hours chasing a storm and only captured a single photo.

Planning a travel photography trip around blooming spring flowers, the peak of the summer tourism season, or the peak of fall foliage is fairly simple. You have to work around weather conditions such as a cloudy days and thunderstorms, but you at least know you have a 2-3 week period to capture the best photos […]