South Carolina

36 Hours in Columbia, South Carolina

I didn’t know how much I wanted to visit Columbia until the first time I visited. South Carolina’s capital city features block after block of fine dining and dive bars, museums and entertainment venues, outdoor recreation and unique shopping. The city has a little bit for everybody and a lot for anybody, and it certainly […]

The Unexpected Riverside Park in Columbia, South Carolina

I had spent three days exploring the state capitol of South Carolina from the Riverside Zoo to the University of South Carolina and everything in between. But on the last morning before I left town along my road trip I made a stop at Riverside Park. I found a completely unexpected, beautiful park teeming with […]

My 10 Favorite Travel Photos of Columbia, South Carolina

I only had three days to spend in Columbia so I didn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. The South Carolina capital had always remained an intersection of interstates for me but this time I took the scenic route in, and out, as I explore the city. I found an exciting zoo, chased […]

20 Favorite Travel Photos From Charleston, South Carolina

I’ve spent a lot of time in Charleston over the last few years. Every time I try to visit a different area around the greater Charleston area and capture the essence of the Low Country through my photography. It seems that no matter how many times I visit this friendly southern city I always find […]

Charleston, South Carolina. The heart of the Low Country. Amazing cuisine from renown chefs. Steeped in early American history. Unique and amazing arts and crafts around every corner of a cobblestone street. There is so much to do in Charleston but there is one thing I do every time I visit: take a stroll through […]

A 20′ long alligator casually waddled across the paved road just a few yards ahead of me. I was frozen, but more out of awe than fear. He paid me no attention; after all, this was his territory, not mine. Never mind the fact it was Huntington Beach State Park, just one of the forty-seven […]

5 Reasons to Visit Sumter This Summer

An historic opera house playing $1 movies, a free music concert series the fourth Friday of each month, and lots of great places to eat and shop make Sumter, South Carolina a place to visit this summer. Halfway between the beach and the state capital along a scenic route through the state, Sumter is easy […]

At the heart of downtown Columbia the South Carolina State House is the seat of government in the state. The beautiful building houses the governor’s office, House and Senate chambers, and dozens of other rooms. It is also recognized as a South Carolina state park and visitors can take free guided tours of the building […]

Hampton Plantation is one of the most authentic and original plantation homes in South Carolina and it’s just a few bucks to take a guided tour. The plantation is the heart, and basically only attraction, at Hampton Plantation State Historic Park in McClellanville, South Carolina. About halfway between Myrtle Beach and Charleston it’s a short […]

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is like a sister city to Charleston just across the harbor. Anchoring one end of the infamous Ravenel Bridge, Mount Pleasant has lots of fun and exciting things to do; fine dining, outdoor recreation, and amazing sunset views. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in South Carolina, rivaling even […]

I was driving along scenic Highway 11, also known as the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway, when I passed a sign that read “Wildcat Wayside”. I took note of the sign and promised myself some day I would investigate and learn what was located in the middle of nowhere. Little did I know I passed […]

“Are you going to learn how to shag?” Within an hour of arriving in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a short getaway I had been asked this question by a half dozen people. The shag is the pride and joy of the locals and they want to share it with as many visitors as […]