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National Mall Monuments: The Lincoln Memorial

Proud Abe may sit on a marble throne overlooking the National Mall, but thousands of people a year stand on their feet in the cavernous hall of his memorial. One of the most visited and easily recognizable of all the Washington monuments and memorials, the Lincoln Memorial is an enormous building at the end of […]

National Mall Monuments: The Korean War Veterans Memorial

The beautifully designed Korean War Veterans Memorial was built around the concept of larger than life statues depicting the men who served during this war in American history, and they will stare right back at you. The memorial is easily accessed along the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial, making it a very popular place […]

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is an open-air memorial around the Tidal Basin dedicated to the 32nd president of the United States. The memorial is a long series of alcoves, statues, and engravings that takes you through his 12-year term as president. It’s my favorite memorial in the capital and I find myself drawn here […]

National Mall Monuments: The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial is one of the most unique and outstanding of all the memorials along The National Mall. A larger than life statue of Jefferson is the centerpiece of the cavernous memorial at the edge of The Basin. It’s one of the best places in Washington, D.C. to watch the sunset, sit back and […]

National Mall Monuments: The National WWII Memorial

I am a huge fan of anything that involves water, so this is one of my favorite memorials to visit while staying in Washington, D.C. The National WWII Memorial is one of the largest outdoor memorials, divided into two halves and representing the entire country. The spectacular design of the memorial ensures it is a […]

National Mall Monuments: Three Soldiers Memorial

The Three Soldiers Memorial is part of the Vietnam War Memorial, located on The National Mall. The memorial is meant to represent the three types of men who joined the Armed Forces during the war: Caucasian, African American, and Latino. This is one of the lesser-known memorials in Washington, D.C., but still one of more […]

With 417 sites in the National Park Service it can be a little difficult to keep up with it all. This list will help. You can also see where I've visited and read my stories about our national parks.

The NPS's National Mall and Memorial Park, known as The National Mall, has a large collection of monuments and memorials dedicated to past presidents and wars.

A group of men, women, and children stood in a field of wildflowers on a chilly day in early May. The women in their long flowing dresses and men with their musket rifles watched as a surveyor set up his equipment. The air was quiet, almost too quiet, in this peaceful mountain valley. It’s hard […]

10 Places to Visit in October in the Southeastern United States

That cool, brisk, humid-free fall air is finally upon us. The days are getting shorter, and the green is fading from the leaves. People are talking about pumpkin spice everything and Halloween is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but this time of year I’m ready for a little trip somewhere.