The highest point in Alabama at Cheaha State Park features a nice campground, great hiking trails, and stunning views.

The Trail of Tears National Historic trail is a bit hard to follow, but the sites along the various routes offer a look into a dark chapter in the country's history of removing the Cherokee Indians.

I was out for a drive in the countryside of Alabama one Saturday evening when I stumbled upon the Little River Canyon National Preserve. Always eager to visit a National Park Service site, and I can never pass up a good scenic drive, I followed the signs leading out of Gadsden heading north. But all […]

Eating Local at the Top O’ the River in Gadsden, AL

I didn’t want to leave my table. It was partly because the temperature outside was ridiculous hot and humid on that muggy July afternoon. And it was partly because it was still raining. But the biggest reason was because I had just enjoyed the best pan fried catfish and coleslaw I’d ever eaten and I […]