Brasstown Bald: The Highest Point in Georgia

At 4,786' above sea level Brasstown Bald is the highest point in Georgia, and one particular feature led to a fun little adventure on the day I visited.

The Pirates' House has a long history as a tavern and inn, but the restaurant today is the best part with friendly service, a comfy dining experience, and fantastic food.

A Savannah Weekend

I only had a weekend for my first visit to Savannah, Georgia, but during those two days I had the best burger ever, saw some beautiful vistas, and explore a national monument.

15 Favorite Travel Photos of Savannah, Georgia

I only had two days in Savannah. It wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted, but it was enough time to capture some amazing photos of this beautiful southern city.

5 Exciting State Parks to Explore in Northeast Georgia

Each of these five northeast Georgia state parks has a unique feature, lots of outdoor recreation, and more than a few reasons to spend some time in a campground, cabin, or lodge.

The Towering Toccoa Falls in North Georgia

Toccoa Falls is the tallest free falling waterfall on the east coast, located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, just outside the town of Toccoa, Georgia.

It was the most terrifying road I'd ever driven, but once I reached the summit of Bell Mountain in Georgia it was also one of the most spectacular views I'd ever seen.

20 Favorite Photos From Northeast Georgia

Gorgeous mountain top views, charming little towns, and waterfalls around every bend in the road made Northeast Georgia an exciting and beautiful place to spend a little bit of time.

Helton Creek Falls has the benefits of being an easy 0.6-mile hike to view two waterfalls deep in the north Georgia mountains for lots of family fun and outdoor adventure.

A Night at Vogel State Park in Georgia

It started out with a summer thunderstorm. But soon the rain passed and I was left with a short hike to a gorgeous waterfall and my most comfortable night camping in Georgia.

While the majority of Moccasin Creek State Park is on the lakefront, just across the road is a hidden waterfall along an easy trail through a gorgeous forest.

On my first morning in Chattanooga I just couldn’t sleep in. I left my hotel before sunrise. The air outside was cool and crisp. In fact it was downright chilly. I wanted to go someplace I could watch the sunrise but I didn’t want to hike far from my car. I really wasn’t sure where […]