The Lump on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

The Lump, as it is called locally, is a grassy knoll with a stunning view at Milepost 261 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Written by
Jason Barnette
Posted on
June 18th, 2014
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It’s hard to believe I almost missed this small area along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was out for one of my road trip assignments, Road Trippin’ on Highway 16 Through North Carolina, when I decided to take a little detour on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I wanted to visit nearby E.B. Jeffress Park, about 12 miles down the parkway, so I drove straight there to begin with. It was on my way back to Highway 16 that I found this beautiful area, and I am so glad I stopped.

This parking area is located near Highway 16 at Milepost 261 on the Parkway in North Carolina. It is a circular parking area on the east side of the Parkway with enough room for about a dozen cars. At the edge of the parking area is a beautiful overlook, but the highlight is The Lump. This is the name given to the area, though I did not find this name on any official Parkway sources, for a large grassy knoll.

What really caught my eye about the knoll was the 6′-wide path cut through the tall grass leading to the top. At first I wasn’t entirely sure if I was allowed to hike up there since many areas of the Parkway sit along private property. But the path was well-maintained, although beautifully rustic and simple, and a small break in the fencing allowed people to easily walk through. It was only a five minute, leisure walk to reach the top and it took my breath away.

I decided not to snap any photos the day I walked up here. It was about 70% overcast and I had just lost the sunlight. I could have taken a photo, but I decided I would rather have no photo than a bad photo, so I will just have to visit this spot again! From what I have learned since I came home, this is a very popular spot for people launching remote controlled planes and gliders, people flying stunt kites, and a place to enjoy the beautiful view to the east of the parkway.

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