The Macro World of Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston

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Written by Jason Barnette
Posted on November 27, 2017

I did something extremely crazy. I spent an entire day at one of the most popular plantations in Charleston with nothing but a a telephoto macro lens shooting close up photos of anything I could find. I skipped past the sweeping landscapes, the Long White Bridge, and waved at the alligators. I resisted the urge to change the lens and capture something wider that told a bigger story. Instead I focused on the macro world of Magnolia Plantation and found something just as beautiful and captivating.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is one of the most popular and most visited plantations in Charleston. The Gardens self-guided walking tour takes about forty-five minutes to complete as it winds around a few small ponds, a large lake, and crosses several rustic wooden bridges, including the famous Long White Bridge. There is a Nature Train guided tour, the Nature Boat, and the self-guided Audubon Swamp Garden tour. Blooming flowers, sweeping landscapes, and beautiful vistas abound in all directions.

So why on this Earth would I choose to walk these areas with nothing more than a 150mm macro lens? Because I could. Because it was different. Because I wanted to show you that beauty exists on the macro scale. My macro lens allows me to capture a photo mere inches from the subject with a magnification that allows you to see details you would not otherwise notice. It’s really a fantastic lens, and I have a great time with it.

So here are a few macro photos I captured during a three-hour walk around Magnolia Plantation. Which of these is your favorite? Why is it your favorite?

There were more blooming flowers in the Gardens than I expected to find at the end of November.

The sunny skies created the perfect lighting conditions for macro photography.

This little bee was digging deep in this flower.

Seriously: blooming flowers everywhere.

Have you ever looked at Spanish moss up close? Now you have. What do you think of it now?

If I told you this was a macro shot of a statue would you be able to tell me what body part you see here?