Travel Guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Across the Southeast

The eclipse is coming! Some are calling it the Great American Eclipse. Others the National Eclipse. Towns and cities are branding it and domain names registered. But whatever you call it just remember: there is a total solar eclipse coming to the United States on August 21, 2017 and you don’t want to miss it.

The solar eclipse will begin on the west coast in Oregon early Monday morning. Moving at a whopping 1,800 miles per hour, the moon’s shadow will travel across the country in a sweeping arc toward Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. It will be a spectacular event to witness, but the big question everyone has on their mind: where do I go to see it?

Instead of traveling just to see the total solar eclipse, why not make a weekend of it? All you really need to see the eclipse is a view of the sky. But wouldn’t it be more exciting to be on a boat tour of Lake Jocassee in South Carolina during the eclipse? Or on a rooftop bar in Charleston? What about on the highest mountain in Georgia at Brasstown Bald? Or in the heart of Music City in Nashville?

This travel guide will help you find a place for a weekend getaway leading up to the big event on Monday. Where do you eat, sleep, and play? Where can you view the eclipse? How can you get around the city or reach that small town in the countryside?

Browse the interactive map below. Pick a destination to learn more about timing of the eclipse, viewing locations, and where to eat, sleep, and play during your weekend getaway. Then maybe you’ll be ready to get back to that big question: where are you going to watch the total solar eclipse?


Countdown to Arrival in the Southeast


Best Travel Destinations for the Total Solar Eclipse in the Southeast

All you really need to do to view the total solar eclipse is find any clear view of the sky and look up. But the eclipse lasts mere minutes; what do you do the rest of the day? What about the entire weekend? This interactive map will help you find an amazing destination to visit for the weekend along with viewing locations and event for the total solar eclipse.