15 Favorite Travel Photos of Savannah, Georgia

I only had two days in Savannah. It wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted, but it was enough time to capture some amazing photos of this beautiful southern city.

Written by
Jason Barnette
Posted on
April 15th, 2018
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I only had two days to spend in Savannah. It wasn’t enough time to do everything I wanted, but it was enough time to capture some amazing photos of this gorgeous southern city. I found this cozy, quaint city to be friendly and chocked full of great history and beautiful sights. Savannah’s most beautiful aspect comes from the 22 public squares that have been a part of the city since its founding in the late 1700s. I walked, I sat on the roof of parking garages, I waited patiently, and these turned out to be my favorite travel photos from Savannah, Georgia.

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One of the best ways to explore Savannah is horse drawn carriage, and there are plenty of options.

The James Oglethorpe Statue at Chipewa Square, named in honor of Savannah’s founder.

This man playing a violin in Chippewa Square added a pleasant melody to the air.

Jones Street is one of the most beautiful in the South.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist dominated the Savannah skyline and wowed visitors.

Speaking of being wowed, the interior of the cathedral was just amazing.

I enjoyed the best burger I’ve found yet on my travels at The Pirate’s House. This was the 1776 Burger and, yes, it came with American cheese.

This griffin stands proudly in front of the old Savannah Cotton Exchange.

Factors Walk was a beautiful place to enjoy in Savannah, including many footbridges like this one.

“Historic Steps” indeed. These were old, steep, but sturdy.

The azaleas were still blooming. If there was ever a reason to visit Savannah in the spring, it’s to see the blooming azaleas.

Speaking of blooming azaleas, Bonaventure Cemetery was an absolutely gorgeous place to explore.

The Armillary Sphere in Troup Square was one of the most interesting, and beautiful, sculptures in Savannah.

Blooming azaleas and a water fountain made Orleans Square the kind of place to just sit and enjoy for awhile.

Speaking of sitting and enjoying, I thoroughly enjoyed this warm sunset from the roof of the State Street Parking Garage.

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