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Work With Me

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My name is Jason Barnette. I began shooting professional photography in mid-2009, and had my first big break through in the world of travel photography after documenting the construction of the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach. Throughout the next few years I honed my skills as a travel photographer as I explored the Southeastern United States working for newspaper, magazines, local CVB’s, and state tourism corporations.

In 2014 I expanded my skill set to include travel writing. I had always been interested in creative and fiction writing, and decided I was already gathering enough notes about destinations to begin writing about them. I rebranded myself as Southeastern Traveler with a brand-new website, social media outlets, and logos (I had previously worked as Jason Barnette Photography, which is now my fine art gallery). I began writing smaller destination stories, behind-the-scenes of my work as a travel writer and photographer, and origin stories about locally owned businesses.

To date I have traveled across 12 states and 3 countries. I specialize in finding off the beaten path destinations and local businesses. I quickly forge relationships with local tourism officials and hit the ground running in smaller destinations to learn the story straight from the locals. I work tirelessly to capture stunning travel photography that pulls in viewers and leaves them feeling as if they were there. I carefully craft travel stories about places to eat, sleep, and play that shows rather than tells.

I live on the road full-time allowing me maximum flexibility to fully explore destinations. Some of my best adventures have included the Appalachian Fall Tour, a 29-day, 2,420-mile road trip from Syracuse, NY to Chattanooga, TN to explore all things Fall related. I spent two weeks at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park exploring trails, landscapes, and hidden attractions within the most-visited national park in the country. I recently spent a week exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina looking for ways people with walking disabilities can still enjoy one of the greatest scenic drives in the country.

Working with me will be rewarding for us both, and also increase the visibility of your business or catchment area. Continue reading below to see the different ways we could work together, check out some of my previous clients, and learn more about my travel site and influence.
Sunset on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, TN

Previous Clients

I have worked with dozens of local businesses, CVB’s and Chambers of Commerce, newspapers, and magazines around the world. My photography has been published in newspapers and magazines in 7 countries, including the United States. Several CVB’s have done entire rebranding campaigns featuring my photography. Here are some of the key clients I have worked with over the past few years.

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Cloud Gate, or The Bean, in Chicago, IL

How to Work With Me


There are several ways to work with me to promote your business or destination and engage with new or existing travelers.

Partnerships and Press Trips

I am always open to a partnership with your local business, CVB, Chamber of Commerce, or destination. I will provide high quality photography showcasing the best of the best of your area. I will also write at least one destination story, but may also include individual reviews, origin stories, and interviews as necessary, to tell the story of your business or destination. Any partnerships or press trips will include full disclosure on this site. I will also make every effort to gain publication in appropriate newspapers and magazines.

High Quality Photography

Photography will always be my first passion. Since picking up my favorite DSLR for my first professional shoot in 2009 I have honed my skills as a visual storyteller. I put great effort into my photography to capture moments in life and present them as authentically as possible, drawing in the viewer and making them feel as though they were standing at the spot where I took the photo. All photos are high resolution, sharp and in focus, color balanced properly, and available through my travel website for the length of your license agreement.

Freelance Writing

Writing will always be my oldest passion. I began writing when I was just 12 years old, focusing on science fiction short stories. I have dabbled in many forms of writing over the years, but currently focus my talents on freelance travel writing. I began writing about my travel in 2014 when I realized I was already gathering all the information I needed for a good story through captions for my photography. Since then, I have read and studied every book on travel writing I can find to develop my own style of writing. My travel stories are detailed and immersive, drawing in the reader and leaving them feeling as though they just took the trip with me. I offer my writing skills to create content for guest blog posts, social media campaigns, brochures and travel guides.

Social Media

Through the use of social media the world of travel has changed forever. I offer engaging content to be used in social media campaigns and offer my services for social media takeovers such as Instagram, Facebook Live Video, and Twitter chats. Through followers on my own social media channels I provide an outlet and wide audience for travel photography, articles, and videos.

Licensing Photography and Stories

All my travel photography is available for licensing. You can view my photography archive here, or use the Search Page to quickly find the photo you need. I have a set rate for licensing my work, but I’m also flexible to fit within your budget. Many of my photos include both landscape and portrait formats for multiple layout possibilities. All photos are available in high-resolution.

Hire at a Day Rate

If you have a specific idea for your business or a particular story for your newspaper or magazine you can hire me at a flat day rate. Day rates include typical travel expenses such as lodging, food, and fuel (airfare and other expenses may be added as necessary). A “day” includes everything possible to shoot during a 12-hour day and typically includes approximately one hundred finished photos, depending on the assignment. If you’re interested in hiring me for an assignment, please Contact Me for more information.
Oconaluftee Visitor Center at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Southeastern Traveler Quick Stats


Social Media

Monthly Views: ~32,000

Monthly Unique Views: ~26,000

Facebook Fans: ~1,500

Twitter Followers: ~600

Instagram Followers: ~700


More Information

If you would like to know more information about how we can work together, get an estimate of my day rate for a particular project, or just want to keep touch, feel free to Contact Me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!